G. Love: Wiggle your ass.

G. Love & Special Sauce

G. Love and his Philly compadres Special Sauce may be one of the most unique musical acts to come to the fore of the indie scene in the last two decades. Marrying Beastie Boys-inspired funk and hip-hop with swampwater blues, some traditional lo-fi indie-rock riffs, and laid-back surf pop à la Jack Johnson, the trio produces music as curious and kickass as its name. With the help of frequent collaborators such as Johnson, Johnson's protégé Donovan Frankenreiter, R&B singer Marc Broussard, rappers Gift of Gab, and surf popster Ben Harper, Love and his Special Sauce stroll along musically, busting the occasional rhyme and otherwise producing funky folk laden with phat hooks sure to make your ass wiggle.


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