G. Love & Special Sauce

Garrett Dutton and his band, G. Love & Special Sauce, don't create ordinary blues pop. G. Love offers variety on both his solo albums and those he made with Special Sauce. With a style that ranges from smooth rhymes over a funky guitar on some songs to laid-back, slow, and mellow on others, G. Love serves up an assortment of sounds that are sure to please many people, which is exactly what he does on his latest album, Fixin' to Die. G. Love's in good company, too. He's been playing alongside Jack Johnson since 1999 and was invited to join Johnson's record label, Brushfire Records, in 2006. He's got to be doing something right — after all, you don't ever see John Mayer busting out a harmonica at his concerts, do you? While his older material is a little better than some of his newer stuff, G. Love's been in the game long enough to know what catches on and what doesn't, which is why he reigns supreme among blues pop bands.


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