Geographer @ Rhythm Room

Almost every full-time musician can tell of a serendipitous series of events that led him or her down the path of becoming a professsional. Maybe Mom and Dad had some old records that sparked an interest, or tuba spots in the school band were all taken up, so they had to play drums instead. Michael Deni of Geographer was walking along one day and just happened to find a synthesizer out in the street. Seriously, he found a functioning synthesizer. Then he learned to play it. The gods might as well have had him trip over it, then look at it curiously with a giant question mark floating over his head. The synthesizer inspired Innocent Ghosts, Geographer's debut release, which is packed with moody synth, catchy hooks, and eerie vocals. Since then, the band has been the focus of media attention — Spin called it "one of the three undiscovered bands you need to hear now" — and supported bands like Foster the People, Freelance Whales, Atlas Sound, Local Natives, Surfer Blood, Sea Wolf, and more on tour.


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