Ghost to Falco

Eric Crespo was doing fine as the guitarist for Portland, Oregon band Alarmist when he decided to go his own way and start his own one-man band. The result of his brave ways is Ghost to Falco, a passion project that does Portland's booming music scene justice. Crespo's calm but whiny vocals are par for the course for a Portland indie-rock band. Though that might seem like a bad thing, he tweaks his voice just enough to give it a unique flavor. For his third release, Exotic Believers, Crespo called on the help of roughly 30 Portland musicians. That admission alone should spark the fancy of any fans of Northwest indie rock. He's an ambitious young man who has made many friends along the way — something particularly helpful for a solo act like Ghost to Falco. He has enlisted help for his current tour, so rest assured it won't be just Crespo onstage. The result will no doubt make for an intriguing performance.


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