Ghostface Killah

It's pretty much always good news when any of the Wu-Tang Clan decides to show up in town, so Ghostface Killah's upcoming appearance is probably worth checking out, if only out of prurient interest. He just dropped his latest album, Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City, which for the last year was being hyped as an R&B album. Technically, it's an accurate description, but if people thought it meant they were going to see the softer side of Tony Starks, they are sadly mistaken. Instead, the Iron Man takes the laser-like focus on drug life that he perfected on Fishscale and shines a light on his sexual prowess with equally graphic accounts. "Stapleton Sex," for instance, features the following exchange between him and an as-yet-unidentified woman: "I'm ready to cum / You ready to cum? / Yeah, keep it right there / Oh, my gosh, my pussy is numb." By comparison Biggie's "Fuck Me" is almost fit for Sesame Street. The rest of the material is relatively solid R&B, but the hardcore audioporn can't help but leave you wondering whether you're listening to the sound of an artist jumping the shark.


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