Ghostface Killah @ Club Red

As one of the original nine MCs who came together like a hip-hop Avengers team, Wu-Tang Clan alumnus Ghostface Killah has reached immortal status in the rap realm. He's been critically acclaimed as a soloist and written off as the same, but like all legends, he hasn't died, just grown a little older. Yet for all his success, Ghost insists it's the little things that continue to make the grind worthwhile: getting money and bagging bitches. Recently appearing in MTV2's series Guy Code, Mr. Tony Starks described what makes for a "good ass night." "A good ass night to me is getting up in the morning and getting money; maybe do a show or bag a little chick or something," he says on the program. "Bring her back to the room, skip all the talking, you get right to business and you just do what you gotta do." Maybe that lady-lovin' was what inspired 2009's Ghostdini the Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City, in which GK opted for smooth soul sampling to underwhelming results, but fortunately for fans, 2010's Apollo Kids marked a return to Wu-Tang-esque grit and grime. The release makes it his sixth solo effort under the Def Jam banner and features fellow underground hip-hop graduates Raekwon, GZA, and Method Man. Of course, soul isn't far away whenever Ironman is involved: "2getha Baby" takes its hook from The Intruders while showcasing the Ghost's signature wordplay.


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