Dave Mustaine: Rocking politics.
Dave Mustaine: Rocking politics.


Trucks of the United Nations, you're on notice — Dave Mustaine, guitarist/singer/czar of Megadeth, is calling you out. "I was watching TV and saw the trucks that said 'U.N.' on them and said, 'Man, you are so uncool, ineffective, anything,'" Mustaine said in a recent Billboard interview. And if Mustaine's decision to rename Megadeth's upcoming Roadrunner Records release is any indication, Mustaine's fed up with more than the U.N.'s transportation department. "I thought, 'Wow, I've got to run with this. I got it — United Abominations, 'cause it's an abomination what they're doing!'"

Go get 'em, Dave. If becoming a political pundit doesn't work out, Mustaine's always got the Gigantour, a national tour featuring, well, Megadeth. This year, Megadeth returns alongside a lineup of the heaviest-hitting metal acts of tomorrow, including Lamb of God (fresh off the Unholy Alliance Tour with Slayer), Opeth, and one of our faves, Arch Enemy, featuring legendary ex-Carcass guitarist Michael Amott and über-hot singer Angela Gossow.


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