Glass Candy

Glass Candy is a conundrum, something sweet surrounding something dangerous. Ida No is one of punk's most captivating front women: ferocious, whispering, screeching and wailing herself into a barefoot tizzy. Taking cues from '70s punk, glam and disco, Johnny Jewel keeps the music minimal, focusing on driving the songs forward with his guitar and electronic beats. New drummer Dusty Sparkles is possibly the band's best yet, managing simple precision to accompany Ida's unpredictability. Glass Candy's new 12-inch, a bass-heavy version of "Iko Iko," is being released this week as a teaser to the oft-delayed new full-length. The band's last local show, in May, was attended by a small but loyal following; hopefully on this hot summer night in July, even more Phoenicians will sweat to the sick sound of Glass Candy.


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