Goatwhore really gets around. Based in New Orleans, where all devilishly good-and-evil music comes from, the four-piece death-metal group boasts guitarist Sammy Duet (of the now-defunct Acid Bath) and lead growler Ben Falgoust (who moonlights with Soilent Green). Rounded out by drummer Zach Simmons -- who replaced Zak Nolan -- and bassist Nathan Bergeron, the Southern boys share a fondness for the depths of lyrical darkness and gritty song style much in the vein of other Louisiana sludge lovers like Eyehategod and Crowbar. In mid-2004, Goatwhore signed with Metal Blade Records and tentatively planned a full-length release for the following year. But that was wishful thinking. Among other hiccups, a little storm named Katrina forced the band to temporarily relocate to Phoenix, where it continued to work on a third album, which may see the light of day later this year. Knock on wood and raise a goat horn.


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