Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello, New York's only Ukrainian Gypsy punk band, has a planetary musical vision. The band's strong Ukrainian roots -- evidenced by the furious accordion work of Yuri Lemeshev and the mad fiddling of Sergey Rjabtzev -- are augmented by morsels of reggae, flamenco, Balkan wedding music, heavy metal guitar and anything else that strikes their fancy. Recorded live in the studio with analog genius Steve Albini, the set captures all the frenzy of Gogol Bordello's live shows. "Never Young" is a punk-rock polka driven by Eliot Fergusen's hardnosed drumming and Rjabtzev's fiddling; the Gypsy swing of "Think Locally, Fuck Globally" sounds like Cab Calloway on speed; while "Underdog World Strike" adds some reggae to the mix with well-placed dub effects and a big, brawny bass line. Front man Eugene Hütz spits out his vocals with a brutal power that leaves no doubt as to where he stands in the struggle between rich and poor, the powerful and the proletariat.


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