Good as Gold

Drunken fashionistas unite at Gold Lion Boutique's Arte Puro release party on Saturday, August 25. (Click here for more photos.)
Lilia Menconi

Lately, we've been tying it on all over this town, and this past weekend, we were partied out. Thank Christ the Gold Lion Boutique held a fashion event called Arte Puro hosted by local designer Leonor Aispuro that mercifully started at 7 p.m., allowing us to hang with the gorgeous folks and be in bed by midnight. (Click here for more photos.) The party featured fabulous feminine fashions at the small boutique, complete with DJ, food, and booze. Believe it or not, we were in such rough shape that we didn't even partake in the libations. Now that we've had a night's sleep, however, we regret it, because everyone was having an amazing time mingling and remarking on the adorable clothing.

By 8 p.m., the place was bumping with super-gorgeous ladies wearing some killer threads. It was a stellar night for the boutique, which offers unique clothing lines by local designers, as well as an impressive array of vintage attire. Even though we ducked out to put our sorry asses to bed, we heard the party spilled over to Bar Smith, where the late-night celebration really took off.

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