Gossip Girl's Top 10 Passionate and Devastating Music Moments

Fidelity, what's that?
Fidelity, what's that?

It's been a long road for Gossip Girl, from the teenage backstabbing and juicy gossip in the first seasons to the characters heading off to college, flirting with the rich and powerful, and being at the root of public scandals. The show's sixth and final season premiered last night, and there are nine episodes remaining before it's done for good.

I won't be the first to say that the show isn't for everyone, but I was surprised that I ended up liking it as much as I do. It's one of those shows that you say you'll only watch an episode or two on Netflix, and before you know it, you've spent a whole afternoon watching a full season. The show is tremendously addictive and features some great music, including live performances by Florence + the Machine and St. Vincent. As the show winds down and in honor of great use of The XX on last night's episode, here are Gossip Girl's top 10 music moments.

Be warned: there are major spoilers ahead.

#10 The Drums- Down by the Water

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At this point, Serena had a history with Dan and Nate, and both men still had feelings for her. She used Dan as a tool to make Colin, her new beau jealous. In classic Serena fashion, she selfishly manipulated those around her to get what she wanted. This song does a great job of capturing Dan's longing.

YouTube embedding for this video is disabled, so watch it here.

#9 Duke Spirit- Don't Wait

While Blair was fighting her feelings for Chuck and Louie, she spent a lot of time with Dan and saw him as a confidant. Though the relationship was (initially) platonic, both lied about spending time together. Dan confronts Blair about it, wondering their dishonesty was a result of "plausible deniability." The only way they would know if either had romantic feelings for each other was if they kissed. Their relationship was put on the back burner for awhile, but the couple ended up dating, much to Chuck's disdain.

The same song plays when Blair reads about the kiss in Dan's book-

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