Graham Parker

Way back in 1976, Graham Parker's commanding vocal presence and acerbic songwriting -- given extra fuel by The Rumour, one of the greatest backing bands in rock history -- made him a contender. While he was lumped in with the rest of the so-called angry young men of the New Wave, his music owed more to the rough and tumble vibe of American R&B than his contemporaries. Over time, Parker's singular sound has proven to be both his greatest strength and biggest weakness. In the past few years, he's released half a dozen indie albums, and while they're all respectable efforts (including this one), they're mostly of interest to fans. Songs of No Consequence lives up to its title. Stupid women, false friends, consumer society, and, no surprise, his aging peers, still piss him off, but it's hard to keep up the ire as you age. On much of No Consequence, Parker sounds more tired than outraged.


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