Graveyard Shift @ Monsterland

We're in the midst of Halloween season, which means those in the business of scaring the crap outta people are busier than a masked psychopath slaughtering teenyboppers in an '80s slasher film. That includes the frightening freaks over at Monsterland, 18 West Main Street in Mesa, who are dishing out terror almost every night inside the two-story haunted attraction. Monsterland's in-house bar and nightclub also will boast some thrills and chills of the industrial and goth variety on Saturday, October 13, during Graveyard Shift. Doomy and gloomy sounds will be dropped by a quirky quartet of selectors during the latest version of the monthly dance event, including Dark Mark, Beautiful John, and Self.Destrukt. The sinister-yet-sexy DJ Defense.Mekanizm (a.k.a. Suzy Homewrecker) also will make an appearance at the event and told us she plans on spinning a spooky selection of mainly electro-industrial and aggrotech, including tracks by Alien Vampires, Terrorfakt, and Angelspit. Local body-mod practitioners Life Suspended will also perform. The dead man's party starts at 9 p.m. Admission is $5. Call 480-461-3300.


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