Greeley Estates @ Marquee Theatre

Last year was a big one for Greeley Estates, the best-known post-hardcore act to come out of our state. Almost exactly a year ago, the Greeley Estates released No Rain, No Rainbow, the band's fifth album in six years. They charted on the Billboard Top 200, changed guitarists, and toured with a slew of bands that could each be categorized as one of several multi-syllabic genres ending with "core," while still keeping Arizona their home. They've shifted gears and made their sound heavier — less poppy, more frightening. And at the same time, they've managed stay in touch with their less screamy selves and reflect some of the year's most noted (and unlikely) music, like Sigur Rós, the dreamy Icelandic group. Topping their success and adding more variety than they did in 2010 is gonna be tough. But who doesn't love a good challenge for the New Year?


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