Groove Candy Holds Erykah Badu After-Party Tonight in Old Town Scottsdale

The Marquee Theatre's phones have seemingly been busy all afternoon, which probably means folks are scrambling to get access to tonight's Erykah Badu concert.

If tickets are indeed sold out (and you also missed out on our giveaway), at least you can hang out at Groove Candy's after-party later this evening. The popular hip-hop joint is doing a special one-off tonight at the Jackrabbit Lounge in Scottsdale.

DJ M2 from Power 98.3 will be in the mix, dialing up some neo-soul, old school, reggae tracks, and classics for your ass all evening. If you feel like imbibing, the bar will have two-for-one drinks available until 10:30 p.m. (so start sucking 'em down early and often before the cut-off).

Those with Erykah Badu ticket stubs can get half off the cover charge of $10, and ladies get in for free (and guys pay $5) before 10:30 p.m. as well.


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