Groove Candy Returns For One Night Only on November 25

Groove Candy's Karlie Hustle (left) and DJ M2.
Groove Candy's Karlie Hustle (left) and DJ M2.

If you're one of those cats who've been Groove Candy since the hip-hop night went the way of Jam-Master Jay back in September, Karlie Hustle is gonna give y'all another lick.

The Power 98.3 personality is reviving the event for one night only on Wednesday, November 25, in honor of Groove Candy's annual pre-Thanksgiving bash, and the game's pretty much the same: DJ M2 and guests will spin neo-soul, Top 40, old-school, reggae, and urban tracks for an ample crowd that's sure to include plenty of local hip-hop artists.

The only change is the shindig's location, which will be PHX Nightclub in downtown P-Town. Doors open at 9 p.m. with ladies getting free before 10:30 and two-for-one drink available until 11. Drop by GC's MySpace or Twitter for more info.

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