Groove Candy's big move

If you're planning to head to The Door in Tempe to hang out at Groove Candy this coming Hump Day, a minor course correction is in order, yo. That's because the crackalackin' Wednesday-night hip-hop affair has flipped the script and moved northward to Lyte Lounge, 7419 East Indian Plaza in Scottsdale. Though the location may have changed, the game remains the same. The night continues to be the place to see and be seen among the local hip-hop crowd, presided over by hostess (and Power 98.3 personality) Karlie Hustle. Groove Candy also still serves as a showcase for the spinning skills of DJ M2, who pulls out hip-hop hits, neo-soul tracks, and reggae jams during his sets behind the decks. Doors open at 8 p.m. with an "elevated casual" dress code. Call 480-423-2027 for a cover or visit


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