Guy Forsyth

By all accounts, the live shtick of this experienced Austin roots rock veteran is designed to astound and flatten. A qualified, working Joe-type Renaissance man, Guy Forsyth sings, dances, slings an ax, waxes deadly with a harp, and even wields the occasional musical saw as he roams around the spacious skies of blues, country, and rock in his quest for a bona fide musical experience. Not your average dum-dum Southern boy, Guy panhandled in Amsterdam and played stuntman for a traveling Renaissance festival troupe before gravitating toward Austin's densely packed mass of musical types, where agents consistently report that his down-to-earth, intelligent take on things guarantees his status as a staple crop for music-hungry Texans. But Forsyth doesn't deserve all the credit — his backing band is well-versed and fairly "with it," as the kids say.


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