Before puke-punk legend G.G. Allin died of a drug overdose in 1993, critics always wrote disclaimers about his gory, self-mutilation-driven live shows. One pundit wrote, "Unless you're trying out for a very tough detergent commercial, don't sit anywhere near the stage." The same warning holds true for twisted theatrical metal band GWAR, although the fluids flying through the air at a GWAR show are manufactured by the band, along with most of its outrageous entrail-esque costumes. Originally the brainchild of art students from Virginia, the members of GWAR have continued their quest for world domination for the past 16 years, spewing goo all over fans every night before getting back on the bus to gobble down sandwiches, smoke joints, and secretly assert that R.E.M. is a brilliant band. Don't hold that against them, though -- it might just be a side effect of eating baby brains or something.


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