Happy Mother's Day: Here Are 10 Excellent Mother's Day Jams

Happy Mother's Day: Here Are 10 Excellent Mother's Day Jams

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All right, suckers -- this is it. Mother's Day is Sunday, and there you are, short on cash, unable to buy flowers, unable to take her out to dinner, utterly and completely unprepared to show fitting tribute to the woman who raised you.

But fear not, good friends. Do you have access to MP3 downloading technology and a blank CD-R?

We already covered artists that wouldn't make for a good Mother's Day mix, so we thought it would be an opportune time to try the opposite. Here are 10 tunes to make your mother smile (as long as she's into some varied music).

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Scissor Sisters -- "Take Your Mama Out Tonight"

The resemblance to an Elton John jam is no accident, and moms love Elton.

Ozzy Osborne -- "Mama I'm Coming Home"

A track from his No More Tears album, "Mama I'm Coming Home" is said to actually be about his wife Sharon (you remember her shrieking in that reality show). But Sharon seems like a good mom -- so it works.

Pink Floyd -- "Mother"

From The Wall, this song is a different take on the long story of the character, Pink, from the album. Roger Waters has said the song is essentially about how all of us can be controlled by our parents views on things. A lasting reminder of parental power (even if it's kind of a drag).

The Intruders -- "I'll Always Love My Mama"

The soul/R&B group The Intruders penned a sweet ode to motherly love: "I'll always love my mama/She's my favorite girl..."

2Pac -- "Dear Mama"

Long before he was a hologram, he was a thug-life-reppin' gangsta rapper, paying tribute to his mother, Afeni. Sort of a different approach to loving one's mother: "Even though you was a crack fiend, mama/Ya always was a black queen, mama."

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