Happy National One-Hit Wonder Day: Here's The Best and Worst

Dexy's Midnight Runner
Dexy's Midnight Runner

Just in case you didn't know, Tuesday, September 25, is National One-Hit Wonder Day. It's the day the nation has carefully selected (or something) to celebrate musical splashes that never go beyond that big single (at least in the ears of most listeners).

One-hit wonders are tricky things. They can annoy you and pester their way into your brain, or be something more lasting: a classic song that defines a moment in pop culture history. Let's cue the flash-backs with 10 of the worst one-hit wonders, and 10 of the best. I'm sorry if they get stuck in your brain. (No, I'm not.)

The Worst:

1. Barbie Girl - Aqua

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Okay, I was singing this song as a child and had no clue as to what the words meant. Most little girls put Barbie on a pedestal. Aqua has a more realistic idea: she's a girl in a fantasy world. You may do whatever you want with her. I'm sorry, but am I the only one concerned as to why I listened to this mush and why it's repeating in my head?

2. Funky Town - Lipps Inc.

Where/what is Funky Town, really? And why do you want to go there so desperately? This song may have reigned on the charts, but now it lives in the world of drunken wedding receptions, where wasted bridesmaids wander around the open bar asking second cousins to take them to "Funky Town."

3. Jump Around - House of Pain

Talk about pushy! The repetitive command to jump around, jump up and get down is just too insistent for me. I'll fucking jump if I want to, guys.

4.Turning Japanese - The Vapors

A catchy song with a pretty dirty secret. We get it. You're turning Japanese, dude. No need to freak out and break out that samurai sword. Leave that to Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, please.

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