Happy St. Patrick's Day: 10 Must-See Shows

Authority Zero is scheduled to perform Saturday, March 17, at Craftsman Court in Scottsdale.
Authority Zero is scheduled to perform Saturday, March 17, at Craftsman Court in Scottsdale.

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In a cultural and religious sense, St. Patrick's Day is a day of feast and celebration of Irish culture.

Of course, for most of us it's simply a great chance to party. St. Paddy's falls on a Saturday this year, which means the green beer will flow in even more abundant quantities. There's plenty of Phoenix traditions to take in -- Flogging Molly will be at Tempe Beach Park, and Mesa rockers Authority Zero will do their thing -- and there's plenty more beyond that.

So strap on one of those beer helmets, fill 'er up with green brew and get ready to enjoy our picks for the top 10 must-see St. Patrick's Day gigs.

Happy St. Patrick's Day: 10 Must-See Shows

St. Patrick's Day Bash at Tempe Beach Park

What is St. Patty's day without Flogging Molly? The Celtic punk band is joined by a litany of acts including Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Suedehead, Sean Wheeler, Zander Schloss, Brother of Brazil, Inpet Hero, Halocene, Black Bottom Lighters, Wiley One, and Wescott Avenue will be celebrating the day of green and beer in the Valley. Gates open at 1 p.m.

98 FM KUPD: Shamrocked St. Patty's Day Bash at Tempe Marketplace

"Arizona's Real Rock" station will host the event featuring performances by headliner,Filterand 49 Till Midnight, Nineball, and Metalhead. The St. Patty's Bash will kick off at 12 p.m. Green beer, Irish whiskey and live music, what could be better?

Black Milk at Chasers

The Detroit rapper brings his Claps and Slaps Tour through Scottsdale on St. Patty's Day. He will be joined by live band Nat Turner. Be ready for your daily dose of funk, rock, hip-hop, and soul. This may not be your typical St. Patty's Day celebration, but heck, you've got all day for Car Bombs and pinching before hand.

The Persuaders, The 2 Tone Lizard Kings, and Navaeh at Tilted Kilt in Tempe

Expect a nice blend of alt-rock at Two-Tone ska at Tilted Kilt in Tempe. Sure -- kilts are more on the Scottish side, but no one is going to split hairs once to brews start flowing.

VNV Nation at Nile Theater

How about an Irish/English duo like VNV Nation to celebrate the holiday? The music can range from indie-electric beats to hard beats within minutes. Plus, "Victory not Vengeance" (VNV) is a great saying for this victorious holiday.

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