Sunday afternoons are meant to be spent maxing and relaxing, instead of stressing out about returning to your hellish job for another week of rat-race-style torture. So it's a good thing that Counter Culture Cafe, 2330 East McDowell Road, has its weekly event HeadSpace, at which you can kick back and wile away the waning hours of your weekend. Every Sunday from 2 to 6 p.m., members of the Overmind Works Collective — including DJs Hahn the Barbarian and Nick Synergy, Dionysos Pan Eros, and Moksha Mind — spin plenty of downtempo dub and other ambient jams by such artists as Androcell, Delirium, and The Orb. Hahn describes it as "chill-out jams" or "ethno-spiritual music" that'll soothe your jangled nerves. Sounds groovy.


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