Heartbroken, Son? Now You Can Really Enjoy the Music!

When my kids were little, and I'd be playing and talking about music with them, they'd say, "Dad, what is this song about?"

You can probably guess my answer. Because eight out of 10 songs (not an official stat) are about the same thing: Love. Of course, that one simple word cannot begin to explain that very complicated subject as it lyrically weaves itself in and out of every genre of music. This is especially true with the dark side of love. You know, heartbreak.

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Gather Round While Dad Bums You Out I'm still teaching my kids about music, and these days I tell my teenagers, "As much as you love music now, you'll never begin to understand its power until you fall in love."

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I continue, "And you'll never fully understand its power until you've had your heart broken."

Chances are -- if you are older than, say, 25 -- then you know the understanding to which I refer.

First, you joined the "hopelessly in love" club, which made the music light and wonderful, just like your new love. Every song was your song.

"Gee, I think I'll make her a mixtape" (Today, they're called "playlists," and they don't take nearly as much effort, but no doubt the mushy thoughts propelling the effort are the same.)

Then said love ripped out your heart.

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