Hellen Benefit Show

When Desiree Duponte, one half of Phoenix death metal duo Hellen, passed away on Friday, April 13, it was a tragic case of destiny unfulfilled. Desiree, along with her sister Mindy, had been creating some of the most innovative, eclectic metal to ever come out of the Valley, and the sisters had plans to record their debut album at local über-producer Larry Elyea's Mind's Eye Recording Studios. But when Desiree passed away, Mindy wasn't sure she'd ever play music again. Thankfully, the local metal scene, particularly members of rock band We Are They, wouldn't let Hellen fade away. They talked Mindy into teaching them some Hellen songs, and organized a benefit show for the Duponte family. They even persuaded Mindy to perform a few Hellen songs with members of the band. Chemicals of Democracy will also play the benefit show, which includes a raffle for great items, including a guitar signed by Steve Vai. All proceeds from the show benefit the Duponte family, and will hopefully help finance any future music projects of Mindy's.


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