This is typically where you'd find a diatribe against Hellogoodbye and their bland, unoriginal electro-rock sound. True, the band sounds like an unlikely (and unwanted) collaboration between Blink-182 and T-Pain. True, there are certainly bands that do the whole dance-rock thing to much greater effect (Under the Influence of Giants, to name just one). Also true, the band released a DVD a few years back called OMG HGB DVD ROTFL, which would certainly be in the running for Worst Concert Video Title in the History of Concert Videos if such an award existed. But when it comes down to it, Hellogoodbye really hasn't done enough in the past few years to even inspire the vitriol of admitted music snobs such as myself. Since releasing its debut full-length, Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!, in 2006, all Hellogoodbye has mustered is an EP with seven remixes of "All of Your Love" (which, incidentally, is about seven more than anyone wanted) and a tour-only, three-song EP of ukulele recordings, creatively titled Ukulele Recordings. According to its MySpace blog, the band is planning to release a new album "soon," which might be enough to get the "bitter music critic" juices flowing. Until then, I'll give them a pass.


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