High Notes

On Saturday, July 3, Ed Ryan, the owner of Drop In Skate Shop, was nearly fatally shot during a botched robbery attempt that happened while he was closing up for the night. The assault left Ryan in intensive care (from which he has since recovered) while his pregnant wife Kari was nearly full-term with their child. Though Ryan had medical insurance, his injuries caused Drop In to close its doors while he recuperated. In a show of solidarity and support, members of the local skateboard scene are throwing a benefit concert to help the Ryans pay the rent and keep the shop open. Scheduled for Saturday, August 14, the concert will be at the Phoenix Skatepark (9617 Metro Parkway West, Suite 2129), and will feature local bands Greenhaven, Smoky Mountain Skullbusters, Bullet Train to Moscow, and Oktober. There will also be auctions of skateboard products donated by local and national manufacturers, and a skate jam inside the park. For more information, contact Rob@AZPX.com.


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