Holiday Smear

Santa brought the holiday cheer to Retro Redux’s Kitschy Christmas Party on Saturday, December 8. (Click here for more photos.)
Lilia Menconi

Christmas cheer can be found in the oddest of places. We stumbled upon it in the midst of clothing and knick-knacks (most likely acquired from the dead) at Retro Redux's Kitschy Christmas Party on Saturday, December 8. As with any vintage clothing and antique shop, the 7th Avenue store was filled with a steady stream of impeccably dressed men who were there to find some Christmas goodies and sip away at the complimentary sangria. (Click here for more photos.)

A tattooed Santa made an appearance to jostle the crowd with inappropriate remarks and gestures — just like the pros at Westcor. We spied some killer threads that would make perfect gifts for the token family hipster kid. After one drink of the sangria, we were feeling tipsy and decided to bail before we made drunken purchases. But with reasonable prices, we may just have to go back for a sober shopping spree.

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