Holy Fuck @ Rhythm Room

Affixing a tidy genre label to most music these days isn't a daunting task. In fact, it's almost like bands want to fit into a certain genre, for marketing ease, lest their eager fans be left in the dark. Toronto's Holy Fuck have become adept at actively avoiding easy classification. "But wait," you say, "they are clearly an electronic band." True, but theirs is an electronic sound constructed without the electronic instruments du jour. Gone are the laptops and sequencing, replaced by actual drums, a bass, and various toy keyboards — not to mention a film synchronizer. Who needs a turntable when a 35mm film synchronizer replicates the trademark, widespread scratching sound? Such thinking — coupled with an impromptu, unrehearsed live show — creates a deceptively harmonious monstrosity of keyboards, cables, and effect pedals. What Holy Fuck throws together onstage may not make much sense to some, but after three albums and myriad notices of critical praise, the people missing out are those unable to wrap their heads around such brazen, unconventional creativity. If, after all that, you just have to know, Holy Fuck plays electronic rock music.


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