Holy Playlist, Batman! Seven Songs in Honor of The Dark Knight Rises

Batman and Robin team up for some musical adventures.
Batman and Robin team up for some musical adventures.
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It's safe to assume that if you're going to the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises tonight, you've already seen Batman Begins and The Dark Knight a few times this week (or you plan on watching about 10 hours worth of Batman movies today). You've washed your lucky bat-underwear and opened your 15-year-old Batman gummy snacks, but what else can you do to get amped up for the premiere aside from changing your ringtone to the Batman theme song?

Well, load up your iPhone with these songs. You're going to need something to listen to waiting in that long-ass line anyway.

Snoop Dogg, The Lady of Rage, and RBX, "Batman and Robin"

We like to imagine that Snoop Dogg flashes the emergency bat-signal when he's low on kush, though Christian Bale's barking take on the caped crusader doesn't seem like the kind of masked vigilante that occasionally partakes.

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The Flaming Lips, "Your Bats"

If you're not into Avenged Sevenfold, this works as a nice, trippy bat song.

Nightmare bats are bad news, a fact Bruce Wayne takes full advantage of, inspiring fear in the hearts of evil-doers with his cowl.

Andrew Jackson Jihad, "Bad, Bad Things"

Obviously, Bruce Wayne witnessing the murder of his parents is a very "Bad, Bad Thing," but without it, he may have never became Batman. This song could tell the story of Joe Chill killing Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and later coming back for Bruce (unless we're talking Tim Burton chronology, where Jack Napier was the murderer and later became the Joker.)

Anything by Hans Zimmer.

People may look at you funny if you're blasting the Inception soundtrack with the windows down, but The Dark Knight and Batman Begins soundtracks are a safe bet in your Batmobile.

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