Djentrification rocks HoodRide's Tree Jay House on Friday

HoodRide's Tree Jay House

The DJs who spin at the HoodRide Bodega stand above the rest of the turntablists in the P-town scene, literally. That's because the funky downtown Phoenix art hangout, located at 918 North Fifth Street, boasts an eight-foot-high ramshackle DJ fortress built into a tree sprawling out of the sidewalk in front of the joint. Dubbed the "Tree Jay House" by HoodRide proprietor Derrick Pacheco, the booth was a "we're-bored-summertime-project," created with recycled materials from the old HOUSE Studios as both a tribute to the recently demolished artspace and a kickass attraction on First Fridays. Since the booth was hammered together in May, it's hosted such DJs as Matthew Robinson and John Dread, who've worked the record decks from on high, blowing out the 800-watt sound system with everything from pop and indie rock to reggae and hip-hop. The ever-enigmatic Djentrification will get his turn on Friday, October 5, spinning his eclectic selection of records from 8 p.m. until "whenever the cops shut him down." Call 480-577-6455.


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