Hot Water Music

Radio-friendly, catchy tunes do not have to be generic, and Hot Water Music understands that. The four guys in this Florida band created a house blend of thoughtful, emotionally charged lyrics, creative drumming, and emo-styled guitar riffs intertwined with punk rock vocals to create a sound in the vein of older Jimmy Eat World. Despite all the mainstream attention, the group maintains the do-it-yourself mentality it first started with in the mid-1990s. After a handful of releases on the small independent Some Records, the members have paid their dues and are finally getting the benefits of all that hard work. Hot Water Music was snatched up by Epitaph in 2001, releasing the middle finger to the establishment with Caution in 2002. The band has grown since then, toned down the "eff you" campaign, and upped the from-the-gut lyrics to create The New What's Next. With the latest disc, Hot Water Music has clearly become the definitive emo punk band and stolen all of Alkaline Trio's fans. Sorry, Alkaline Trio. You've been one-upped.


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