How to Save Money on Rave Gear

How to Save Money on Rave Gear
Christopher Victorio

Now that Ultra Music Festival has passed, the next stop festival-wise is Electric Daisy Carnival. There's nothing like the sights: people in neon green, yellow, pink, and orange tutus running around; spirit hoods that look like animal heads, beaded bracelets that cover forearms, sparkling bras, fuzzy boots, goofy glasses, and creative T-shirts. Okay, I think you get the point: Summer festivals are on the way and we need to figure out what to wear.

But that stuff is so expensive! So, Up on the Sun has compiled a list of places and ways to score EDM fesival outfits on the cheap. After all, we know those tickets were pricey and so are hotels in Vegas.

1. Hot Topic

Yeah, go ahead laugh all you want. But take one step into Hot Topic and you know that you're immediately going to want that Finn and Jake plush backpack from Adventure Time. Hot Topic and Spencer's have hopped onto the EDM bandwagon, and they're actually affordable. Granted, you must not think an original spirit hood is going to be there, because those tend to run $100 or even more. However, at Hot Topic, a $20 gray wolf imitation spirit hood is waiting for you.

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2. Rave Bras

Yes, girls, it's probably easier to buy a designed bra, but you'll probably destroy it as you practice unexplainable dance moves. So why not get all Pinterest-y and shit and make your own? It's pretty simple: Use an old bra you don't really care for any longer or go buy a cheap one from Target. (At least it has a ton of colors to choose from.) The next step is simple -- go to a craft store. Anywhere from Michaels or even Walmart will have beads and sequins. My suggestion is a craft store, with more diverse options. Grab a hot glue gun and get to work.

3. Ordering Outfits

Now, of course there are websites specifically made for these clothing items, with option for both guys and gals. But remember the obvious: You can't try it on, but at least the prices are listed there for you. Here are some of the best within a modest price range:,,, and

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