Bigie (left) and some of his DJ friends will spin away at the Hulkamania Holiday Hoedown on Friday in downtown Phoenix.

Hulkamania Holiday Hoedown

To paraphrase legendary professional wrestler Hulk Hogan: Watcha gonna do, brotha, when an energy drink company wants to support a dance party put on by you? Such is the situation with DJ Bigie, who claims a certain local beverage company (we ain't naming names) supplied him with several large posters of the blond-haired former World Wrestling Entertainment champion, so he decided to put on this weekend's Hulkamania Holiday Hoedown. The ginormous DJ massive — which takes place on Friday, December 26, at an unspecified location in downtown Phoenix — will include spin sessions by Bigie and plenty of his turntablist friends, including Tricky T, Epidemic, Kris the Fist, BC/AD, Benni Beatnik, and JuiceBox. Craig Citizen will host the party, which will also feature fixed gear/BMX demonstrations, giveaways, live painting, and performances by Gravitron, Chauncey True Love, and Silver Medallion. Call 213-915-6244 on the night of the event for admission and location info.


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