Icy Core of Jupiter

Greetings, Earth humans, and welcome to the future. Your tour guide today will be Icy Core of Jupiter, a band so confident about its futuristic origin that it even wrote a song about the subject ("I'm From the Future"). The most accurate categorization of Icy Core's music would have to be "space rock," as the combination of psychedelic rock and funk with a modern alternative edge sounds unlike anything from this planet, let alone the local music scene. When vocalist/guitarist Jesse Meeker started performing as Icy Core of Jupiter, it was often just him and a few friends jamming on a Mill Avenue street corner. The addition of Derek Leiss on saxophone, "1085" on bass, and Miguel Quigada on drums helped the music develop into its present state, enabling Icy Core to play shows across the western half of the country. One never knows what to expect at an Icy Core of Jupiter show, where wallflowers are uprooted and forced to shake maracas or propel balloons into air with the aid of a parachute, while a frenzy of entranced fans perform myriad hypnotic dance moves. It's an interplanetary jam you won't want to miss.


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