Incoming: Owl City at Marquee Theatre

OK, so maybe I was a little harsh against Adam Young of Owl City in this post, considering his legion of fans are still posting comments every day debating whether or not he is, indeed, a pussy.

But I'm still getting a ticket to check him out April 10 when he plays Marquee Theatre. He's come a long way since selling out Martini Ranch at his last Phoenix performance, and I would bet the show sells out quickly with tickets at only $18. Don't rush to quite yet--tix for the show still aren't on sale, but you can call (480) 829-0607 to get status updates.

Will Young, who performs with Lights and Paper Route, cry? Will he bring jars full of fireflies on-stage to sit on keyboards and programming devices? Will he hug every member of the audience?

I can't wait to find out in April.

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