Inferno at Andersons

When we first saw a club night called Inferno, we thought perhaps our nightlife columnists Kreme and Jett were moonlighting on us, perhaps hosting a lesbian all-you-can-eat buffet dance party. But damn, no such luck. Instead, Inferno (at Anderson's Fifth Estate on Friday nights) is a backwash of underground '80s dance music in the ParadiseRoom,pairedwith EDM/industrial/darkwave in the dungeon. Your DJs for the evening are Dan, Young Fred, Spyder, and C.L. McSpadden. Did we mention the drink specials? Two-for-one drinks before 10 p.m., one cent Bacardi and Smirnoff drinks from 10 to 11 p.m. Plus, no cover charge before 10 p.m., and only five bucks after that. Screw Kreme and Jett, this sounds like our type of getdown.


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