It Dies Today

Once upon a time, sworn fealty to The Cure meant absolute disdain for AC/DC -- and vice versa. Morrissey was Bluto to Axl Rose's Popeye. Back then, It Dies Today wouldn't have had an audience. But today, thanks to labels like Level-Plane and Trustkill, kids in black-framed glasses rub shoulders with kids in black tee shirts at sweaty, cathartic metalcore shows, where shred mixes with shrug, and angst mixes with -- well, more angst. Granted, these aggressive depressives resemble Weezer more than Geezer, but that doesn't make them any less potent. It Dies Today is one of metalcore's most exciting and committed newcomers. With twin allegiances to death metal's throat-clutching power and emo's sing-along suffering, the Buffalo quintet's debut, The Caitiff Choir, is a meaty hunk of soft-loud-scream-sing schizophrenia that should tear the roof off the sucka live.


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