It's Now Officially Okay to Listen to Christmas Music

It's Now Officially Okay to Listen to Christmas Music

Though malls and retail have already been doing it for a couple weeks, we're going to go ahead and make an official statement: It's now totally okay to listen to Christmas music.

And while plenty of Xmas jams are mind numbing, annoying earworms, there's always some good to be had.

Enjoy our list of five Christmas songs worth listening to, and check back every Friday for our updates on Christmas music that doesn't suck.

Doo wop backed by Sun Ra? Yes, please.

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The Ramones were always the most heartwarming of the punks.

It's Christmas at the beach, guys.

Nothing beats our boy Michael rocking this one. (Plus, the bass! So good.)

For the Grinches in us all.

Merry Christmas, guys. It's totally okay to say that now.

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