Note that this flier says "Day One."

Jack Maverik Plans TWO Birthday Parties for Himself at Long Wong's

Part of booking bands at a small bar or club is the chance to throw a shindig in your own honor from time to time. Over at the new

Long Wong's in Tempe

, Jack Maverik is taking it to the extreme.

He's booked not one but two birthday shows in his honor featuring a total of nine bands.

Now that's a celebration, bitches.

Maverik says the situation is actually the product of a scheduling snafu involving bands he wanted to work with, not megalomania run amok but, still, two birthday parties? C'mon...

Old Long Wong's favorites Dead Hot Workshop share space on the bill with brand-new acts like Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, who Maverick says he's especially high on.

Maverik is turning 29 on Saturday the 23rd, by the way, so this could be his last big blast. Next year it'll probably be a tasteful night out at a jazz and piano bar.

Kidding aside, I love what Maverik is doing over at the new Long Wong's so wish him a happy birthday at least once.


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