Jackson Browne @ Comerica Theatre

There is a very good chance that at some point in your life, whether you're too young to realize it or not, you've heard at least one song by Jackson Browne. It's not just because the legendary singer-songwriter has been making music since the early '70s, but it's because his music has become such a big part of Americana. Nowhere is this probably more true than when Browne's classic song "Running on Empty" served as the backdrop for a montage in Forrest Gump, when Forrest runs from coast to coast. You're not likely to find a better song to use in that scene. Senator John McCain certainly thought so when he used that same song in a campaign ad, a decision he probably regretted later, when Browne sued and won for unauthorized use of the song. It's probably a story that Browne will tell when he makes a stop in Phoenix at Comerica Theatre, where he will perform a solo acoustic set of songs spanning his entire career. If one J.B. performance isn't enough for you, then catch him when he (along with Alice Cooper, Calexico, and others) will perform at a benefit show in Tucson to help raise funds for the victims of the recent shootings in Tucson. Sure, it's in Tucson, but it's worth mentioning because the show is for a good cause and, considering the talent that will be performing, it's probably worth the road trip.


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