Janis Joplin Crap N Vomit

Janis Joplin Crap N Vomit likes to annoy. Scratch that. The bloody bastards love to freaking annoy. Whether it's provoking MySpace's Tommy boy to delete their original profile because of their apparently grotesque band name, or their anti-press release stating that "my mom doesn't like us," the Mesa-based three-piece makes music that not even a mother can love. But folks with a hankering toward demented punk rock showtunes will, indeed, dig their 18-minute-plus EP, which features a sonic circus of eight energized tracks. The most successful songs, like "Evel Knieval" and "Deli Mmmeat" (both recorded at Jalizpaz's Audio Confusion recording studio) showcase the guitar-bass-drums trio swinging in a straight-ahead style complete with broken melodies and quick starts and stops, while every other track displays vocal effects akin to those irritating little brats in the old Oscar Mayer commercials. If you ever see JJCNV's badass, hyperactive live performance — which has showcased the most arbitrary use of a slide whistle since Sonny Sharrock in Monkey-Pockie-Boo — you'll realize that getting under the skin of the uninitiated listener is precisely the point.


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