Jeff Dahl's 50th Birthday Blast

There's a never-ending supply of the young, loud and snotty picking through the rock trash heap, but the legions of glam punk godfathers are few. While many of his peers lived fast and died young -- or simply settled into comfortable obscurity -- singer and guitarist Jeff Dahl has maintained an incredibly prolific 30-year career that began with stints in Vox Pop, Powertrip, and the legendary Angry Samoans, and sprawled into years of consistently bad-ass solo work that carries the Stooges/Dolls/Dead Boys torch. Now on the eve of his 50th birthday, Dahl puts all the young dudes to shame with his latest news, which could probably fill out another page on his lengthy rock 'n' roll résumé. He toured Germany in April, did guest vox for The Jabbers (GG Allin's first band) on their new CD, and added two more albums to his discography of more than two dozen: Cursed, Poisoned, Condemned, a raw, cocky collection of ass-shakers on Steel Cage; and Atlantic Crossover, a split with Swedish punks the Diamond Dogs. On top of all that, he still finds time to run his Cave Creek studio, Devil Tree, manage an indie mail-order business driven by his Web site (, and champion local rockers like Sonic Thrills, Labor Party, Hell on Heels, and the Slash City Daggers. Good thing Dahl's throwing himself a party -- punks from Phoenix and beyond owe him a toast.


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