The unkempt Aussie barroom brawlers in Jet are probably best known for making grungy, high-octane, adrenaline-fueled, testosterone-laden garage rock. The band first hit stateside in 2003 with the rough-edged, riff-heavy "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" and the lusty, drunken "Cold Hard Bitch," both of which embraced the spirit of sex, girls, and rock 'n' roll to the nth degree. In between the hard-rock riffs and the orgiastic philosophizing, Jet produces some schmaltzy (sometimes downright bizarre) piano ballads and a few Brit-pop-inspired ditties that sometimes fall short. But the meat and potatoes of Jet's lineup is its raucous blend of punk fluency, heavy metal edges, catchy Brit-rock melodies, and lead singer Cameron Muncey's wailing, whiskey-soaked vocals. Turn it up to 11 and let 'er rip!


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