Local motion: The Phunk Junkeez tear it up live.

Jingle Bowls featuring the Phunk Junkeez

When talking to people from the other side of the country, there are usually three local bands you can name that they've heard of: the Gin Blossoms, Jimmy Eat World, and the Phunk Junkeez. And while the Junkeez have yet to tap the mainstream success that GB and JEW experienced, they remain one of the most anticipated live acts in the Valley. Their shows in the early '90s were often unofficial gigs, with the band buying some kegs, promoting through word of mouth, breaking into a warehouse, and jamming until the cops came. PJ moved on to better things over the past 13 years, including a new record deal with Suburban Noize Records. Its first release for the label was the punky, funky Rock It Science, which guitarist Danny P. calls "the best fucking album white people have ever made." Need we say more? Dig in and get phunked up.


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