Joe Purdy @ The Rhythm Room

Joe Purdy's not one for big statements and volume, at least not right off the bat. He's not a showy performer, he hasn't shaped an eccentric stage presence, and he doesn't project needy ego. He's understated. But that doesn't mean he's not usually the center of attention when he performs. The folksinger is originally from Arkansas but spent time in L.A. honing his craft before returning to his roots. The plaintive creak in his voice is a little sorrowful and a lot wistful. Purdy stacks well beside The Tallest Man on Earth, Bon Iver, or Josh Ritter. The tunes on his 10th and most recent album, This American, sport Dylan personality ("The Little One," "Ride Off on a Cloud") as well as a touch of Guthrie fire ("Dustbowl"). It's folk music in a pure sense: fingerpicked guitar, harmonica, and heartfelt lyrics about day-to-day lives and loves. Quiet but powerful.


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