Do you see the resemblance? Glass Heroes' Keith Jackson (left), with the late Joe Strummer.

Joe Strummer Memorial & Tribute

Keith Jackson, vocalist/guitarist for legendary local punk group Glass Heroes, wears his love for Joe Strummer on his sleeve -- and then some. Not only has Jackson seemingly been grafted with the same old-school rough-and-tumble punk style of the late Clash singer, he's penned poignant paeans to his "personal hero" ("You wrote the soundtrack for my life, your words will never die"), and posted candid snapshots of the two of them on the Internet. And damn it all, it sure sounds like Jackson's attempting to channel his longtime friend's spirit through his band's distortion-happy, '70s-brand punk sound. He's also been hosting annual tribute shows to the fallen front man, which benefit the Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music. In addition to Glass Heroes, this year's version offers performances by rockers Jeff Dahl, The Revenge, and Big Vinny, with a guest DJ laying down Clash favorites between each set. A brand-spanking-new Fender Telecaster (one of Strummer's many weapons of choice) will also be raffled off. Knowing Keith, he'll probably snag the most tickets in hopes of snatching his idol's ax.


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