John Mayer Concert!
John Mayer Concert!

John Mayer and Owl City Serenade Cricket Wireless Pavilion Last Night

Hot off the heels of the oh-so-classy John Mayer promising Cleveland, Ohio fans he'll be wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey to his Miami show, Mayer played Cricket Wireless Pavilion last night. While even some of his own fans couldn't help admitting he's kind of a douchebag, other highlights from the show including a wussy Owl City opening, hipsters galore and appearances by American Idol's Scott MacIntyre and The Summer Set's John Gomez. Read on to see what audience members thought of the show.

@goandrunintome- It's like a hipster rally at the owl city concert. I haven't seen this many rompers since kindergarten. #Johnmayer

@johnforbis- Lessons learned at @johncmayer concert so far, I do not really care to much for the band Owl City.

@Sebasman2- Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster, this John Mayer concert blows. Some pussy indie band named Owl City is playing right now... >.>

@CJBergmen- Who knew Owl City is kind of rocking it right now...nords everywhere, violin and cello.

@NourishedFit- At the johnmayer concert listening to Owl City's opening.. Dig'em.. Even if I only know the Firefly song :)

@spezztena- at the john mayer concert and all i can say is wow!!!!!!

@AbbyBurtner- Scott from American Idol is at the John Mayer concert. FYI

@paullydaz- who says I can't get stoned... at a John Mayer concert? #JOHNMAYER #AZ

@ZeldaPhan- The john Mayer concert was absolutely incredible! I loved every minute of it. :)

@toomuchloveee- @thejohnset at a john mayer concert....

@whatgabbysaid- John mayer is not even a real person. Such an amazing concert, even though I felt like poo the whole time.

@JosephBergdoll- john mayer concert, best $10 i ever spent.

@ChrisDrake23- I love how at the John Mayer concert, Live Nation didn't want want anybody taking video, but everybody has camera phones. It was inevitable.

@kgayes- I will be very glad to tell baby his/her "first" concert was John Mayer. Great show from one of the best musicians out there right now.

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