Jonsi @ Marquee Theatre

Let's begin with the costuming: Multi-colored ribbons hang like bunched-up fringe on a deconstructed jacket, with feather embellishments and mismatched swatches patched on. If as a 5-year-old I could've gotten away with dressing like a fairy tale creature, I certainly would've been on board. Jonsi projects this childlike aura, not dissimilar to fellow Icelander Björk's. The Sigur Rós frontman's angular face glitters with an icy, metallic sheen, framed by dark-blond locks formed into a seemingly immobile faux-hawk atop his head. The persona reaches beyond the visual, extending to his dreamy rock songs, silvery falsetto, and simple, hopeful lyrics. In other words, he embodies whimsy. And if the trailer for his fall tour is any indication, his live concert embraces whimsy and takes it to dramatic levels. The show promises to combine the musician's naturalist-inspired anthems with film, an art installation, theater performance, and an electric vibe. From penning a track for the animated kids' flick How to Train Your Dragon to singing lyrics like, "Tie strings to your clouds / Make your own lake," on his latest album Go, it would seem that Jonsi draws from some ethereal, endless wishing well somewhere between Wonder and Neverland. — Becky Bartkowski


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